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mommy cakes -- 5 brunch treats for mother's day

I was going to stick to the food. I really was.

But then I started thinking about babies.

I have two. Two totally life-changing babies.

No cliche or adjective can cover it.

They are everything.

So, of course, I thought of this...

The Chub. Chubalina. The Chubster. Julia child. She was born big. 9 lbs. 10 oz.

We stopped calling her The Chub when she hit 2. We didn't want to give her a complex.

Now she wants to call me Mom. I'm not ready. 

I'm still mama.

At 4, she's lost a lot of that chub.

I miss it already.

Then, there's my little Jackster-Baxter...

Jack baby. He looked like a little elf when he was born.

He's always been a night owl, too. A late-night boxer in my belly. 

He likes the nightlife and he knows how to charm his way out of trouble at times.

This could mean trouble in about 14 years.

For now, though, he's still 2, pretending to be Captain America/Spiderman, happily tearing up everything and giving lots of hugs. 

Alright, I'll pull myself away from the kid photos. I can do it.

Onto the cakes...

I'll admit it. I never have brunch. Like, never.

However, I'd love to have brunch every day.

It's gives me a reason to eat cake for breakfast.

Maybe for Mother's Day, though...we can swing that.

Here's my dilemma though: I don't know which of these five cakes I want the most.

I keep looking at each picture and I seriously just can't decide.

So here they are, in totally random order...

lemony cream butter cake - buttery cake with a luscious lemony cream cheese topping

banana bread on crack -- fab retro throwback that hits closer to a moist, banana-rich cake

cherry morning cakes - golden, crispy-edged, moist, dotted with tart cherries -- they only look innocent

boston avenue apple cake with browned butter icing - cinnamony, apple-filled Bundt topped with a totally lickable icing

ricotta blintz casserole - a ribbon of feather-light cheesecake between buttery coffee cake layers, topped with saucy strawberries

Happy baking and happy Mother's Day to all moms and mamas out there!

If you're craving more breakfast and brunch viewing pleasure, check out breakfast yumminess in the Hungry Eyes edible index.

Reader Comments (2)

They all look FANtastic. And your right, it is hard to choose, but since I'm your mommy, (mom, ma), maybe, I will let you pick one and I will make it for you. Happy Mother's Day to you, baby. Love, yours - all of the above! P.S. Love the photos.

April 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterVanessa

The Lemony Butter Cake has become a family favorite of ours! Everyone requests it every time I return home from college.. even those who aren't crazy about lemon desserts. I was planning on making it again for Mother's Day this Sunday.. but I think I may give the ricotta blintz casserole a shot! Thanks again, Blackjack Bakehouse!

May 8, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterspinach&spice

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